Student Stay Official Website of Student Stay - A healthy environment for any hardworking student Pristine living quarters provides students with a comfortable “Home Base” Student Stay offers quality student accommodation in Bloemfontein within walking distance of the University of the Free state, at an affordable rate. Our properties consist of separate student flat / flats with own bathroom/ kitchen and/or rooms in student house with shared facilities which are kept in pristine condition and offer students a clean and comfortable student housing away from home. Parents can rest at ease knowing their young adults are living under a solid roof, close to all amenities, in a safe and clean suburban area. This bar will provide assistance as you navigate the site Welcome to Student Stay. Please visit our Houses Page to browse through a list of available properties to rent or read more on our About page. This private accommodation is specifically geared towards student housing. Please feel free to contact us for any additional info or queries. Please visit our facebook page here Contact Us